Existing or Current Patients

Existing Patients are those who are presently on one of Viking’s protocols. Blood Laboratory results must be current, meaning less than 6 months old, to provide the proper level of care and medication. Please choose the panel that you need to keep your results current. We offer additional panels if your provider has determined you need them which can be found on the “Additional Viking Panel” Menu Tab under Current Patients.

How to Order a Blood Form

  • Choose if you are a New Patient or Current Patient.  If you have testing that you wish to use, verify that you have all required testing based on the testing listed for each protocol. Submit exisiting labs by chosing Submit Labs in the Patient Center Tab of the  Menu above.
  • We have prepay arrangements with Quest and with LabCorp.  The price varies with your Gender, and the State you live in, please choose the correct options for your situation.
  • We offer "no charge" or "0" cost forms if you wish to submit the testing to your individual health insurance. Even though this is a no charge item, you must complete the transaction through the cart so that our staff is notified of your request.
  • Once your transaction is complete you will receive a copy of the Order that is sent to the Lab Department and a receipt for your payment.
  • Please allow 24 hours or one business day for our staff to process your request and they will email you the Blood Order Form to take to the Laboratory.

Any Questions ?  Email [email protected] and our staff will be happy to assist.

PHONE: (210) 826-8900